The Gates, Central Park


In February 2005, the artists Christo and Jean-Claude installed 7500 saffron-coloured ‘gates’ on 23 miles of walkways throughout New York’s Central Park. The installation ran for only 16 days. These are my photos from the first three of those days and the memories of my trip to New York.

250mm x 250mm
60pp · 90 colour photographs

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ISBN: 9780992989811


This series of photos, taken over three days in February 2001, portrays The Gates – an installation in New York’s Central Park created by the artists Christo and Jean-Claude. 7500 saffron-coloured banners were sited over 23 miles of walkways throughout the Park. The book contains a brief history of the artists’ project together with some of the photographer’s memories of his trip to New York.


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